"We discover, design and code environments."

From design to implementation. Two decades of experience. Design, production and implementation of modern algorithms, applications, websites and games are the main areas of GoBeez's activities.

  • Branding & Identity

    We develop brands with a clear intention, by implementing designated strategies, strengthening their position on the design market and developing their presence in the world. From forging innovative concepts to strategically connecting dispersed elements for customers or users - these are the pillars of our activities.

    • Brand strategy and experience

    • Trends and insights

    • Market entry strategy

    • Design guidelines and systems

    • Content strategy

    • Identity design

  • Websites & Digital Platforms

    We create digital platforms to strengthen the brand among audiences. Our in-depth knowledge of what motivates users enables us to design and calibrate consistent strategies that ensure an immediate return on investment.

    • Designing a digital strategy

    • UX & UI Design

    • Functional prototyping

    • Digital activation

    • Websites and mobile applications

    • Positioning strategies (SEO)

    • VR and AR systems (virtual and augmented reality)

  • E-commerce solutions

    In the world of e-commerce, user experience is key, which is why we design and improve shopping experiences so that they are not only intentional, but also highly profitable. Building a brand presence in the digital space becomes a catalyst for business growth.

    • Digital strategies

    • Industry and consumer research

    • Rapid prototyping

    • Project management

    • E-commerce platforms

    • Promotion - shop in three languages ​​for the price of one

  • Machine learning

    Machine learning is a dynamic engine of change that transforms finances through predictive precision and takes medicine to the next level thanks to advanced diagnoses. At GoBeez, we deliver smart and fast solutions, personalizing responses to operational challenges, engaging customers and anticipating market changes. Our services give you an advantage in the digital era of constant transformation.

  • Game design and development

    At GoBeez, each virtual world takes on an individual character, reflecting the unique vision of our clients and undergoes a unique metamorphosis thanks to our professional team. Whether your goal is to captivate beginner players or fascinate seasoned enthusiasts, we're prepared to take your ideas to the realm of thrilling games.

  • Design & Equipment

    Design & Equipment

    The fusion of modern technologies with the heritage of design and traditional craftsmanship reflects the essence of our work. Design, production and assembly of equipment and small architecture are a key segment of our offer. Using our accumulated experience, we create and equip both stores belonging to retail chains, as well as office spaces and other facilities, meeting the specific needs of our clients.

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Ideovo Design


Welcome to iDEOVO , a portal where creativity meets craftsmanship and conceptual designs become real. We are a collective of designers, craftsmen and engineers who share a common goal - to create and deliver extraordinary designs that resonate with people and spaces.

The project involved the creation of a B2B & B2C system, along with a machine learning algorithm for prototyping design projects for a company operating in the craft and industrial design industry.

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Projekt Arting Design

Arting Project 1994 - 2024

Each edition of Projekt Arting also includes thematic research material prepared by invited experts. Presented at the scientific conference accompanying the opening of the exhibition, and published in the form of articles and video material.

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Pszczela Hala Design

Bee Hall

Pszczela Hala is a project of a place in the mountains for nature protection, artistic activities and education. It occupies two hectares of meadows on a ridge under the Trzonka peak in the Mały Beskids. There is an over 100-year-old highlander cottage there, adapted for outdoor purposes and meetings.

Fundacja Ludzie-Innowacje-Design

People-Innovations-Design Foundation

The People-Innowacje-Design Foundation is an initiative aimed at sensible use of the potential of innovative people, and in particular industrial designers, for economic and cultural development.

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Bielsko-Biała - a city in the mountains - is located in the south of Poland at the foot of the Beskid Mountains, on the Biała River, which has separated historic Silesia from Lesser Poland for centuries. It is the capital of the region called Podbeskidzie for several decades, it has 175,000 inhabitants. Associated mainly with the automotive and electrical engineering industries, until recently the second textile center after Łódź, in terms of development potential it is currently among the top ten Polish cities.

Retrospect Clothes Design

Retrospect Clothes

In a world filled with fast fashion and fleeting trends, Retrospect Clothes is a symbol of artistic storytelling, weaving a tapestry of timeless textures. Our clothes are a paradise for lovers of history and heritage, providing a basis for colorful chronicles of past years.

We believe that every stitch carries the whisper of a bygone era, and every fold of fabric echoes old-world charm. As master curators of vintage verve, we select timeless treasures that evoke nostalgia for masterpieces lingering in the attic and combine them with a playful eye for the contemporary runway.

Design Bank Sustainable Design

Design Bank

A repository of creativity where innovative ideas meet financing and blossom into effective and sustainable business projects.

Crowdfunding Success : Let us guide your project through a compelling narrative and outreach strategy to secure the funding you need to make your vision a reality.

Institutional Funding Pathways: Work with us to navigate complex institutional financing paths, leveraging resources that power transformational projects.

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Grafis Projekt Design


GRAFIS PROJEKT specializes in designing the visual identification of brands and companies, designing the environment in which they operate and building integrated strategies helping to create, develop and manage the brand image.

Each client has individual needs. To be able to meet them, we are an interdisciplinary team. It is created by experienced designers and consultants in the field of visual communication, art, industrial design, IT, marketing and brand management.

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FANTYSPACE game design


An extraction shooter space opera set in the distant future. A game based on Unreal Engine.

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