• 1. Empathy – Understanding the User:

    A key aspect of any project is empathy; a thorough study of users' expectations and needs, which allows us to design from their perspective.

  • 2. Definition – Problem Statement:

    We use data and insights to shape clear definitions of the challenges to be solved. This allows us to tailor our service solutions to specific problems, offered for real needs.

  • 3. Ideation – Idea Generation:

    Here we assume the freedom to think creatively, inspiring each other and exchanging concepts that break patterns and open new opportunities for innovation.

  • 4. Prototyping - Concept Modeling:

    By creating and testing prototypes, our ideas take shape. The iterative process allows you to experiment and find
    the most effective solutions.

  • 5. Testing – Validation in Practice:

    Each solution is thoroughly tested in real conditions. Interaction with end users and feedback are an essential element of project optimization for us.

  • 6. Implementation – Implementation of the Solution:

    We move from projects to reality, putting effective strategies into practice. We focus on ensuring that innovative solutions bring measurable benefits.

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Projektujemy środowiska marek design

We design brand environments

In our laboratory, we combine elegance and innovation to transform brands into a powerful communication tool.

Activities include:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Logotype and Visual Identification Design
  • Visual Identification System (Brand Book/Style Guide)
  • Corporate Materials
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Solutions
  • Environment and Signage
  • Internal Communication
  • Reporting and Presentations
  • Advisory and Consultation

Bitwa designu

Design Battle are design competitions addressed to companies and institutions whose aim is to stimulate economic development through innovation and creativity.

Design Battle assumptions:

Economic development:
Design Battle is an initiative that drives innovation and dynamics in the economy through creative competition.

Talents in Action:
We focus on a platform that brings together leading designers to present their visionary projects to the world.

Art and Business:
The fusion of art and business at Design Battle is expressed by creating solutions that are beautiful, sustainable and functional at the same time.

Sustainable Design Promotion:
Our competition promotes top-class design, appreciating the unique approach to aesthetics, functionality and strategy.

Design Consulting

We offer dedicated consulting and brand image management services. We build development strategies, supported by our multidisciplinary team of experts - from design designers, strategists, graphic designers, UI/UX specialists, to programmers and product designers.

Activities include:

  • Brand Image Assessment: We conduct an in-depth analysis of brand perception, offering strategies to strengthen it in the market.
  • Market and Partnership Research: We conduct market research that helps find and strengthen valuable business alliances.
  • International Promotion: We represent your brand at global fairs and exhibitions, expanding its reach.
  • Trends and Insights: We monitor the latest trends, providing data that drives innovative decision-making.
  • Design Consultations: We provide design expertise that sets the course for products and services that meet the requirements and aspirations of the modern market.