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We finance sustainable design projects

Design Bank appears as an oasis for ambitious ideas, where the seed of inspiration can blossom into a lush flower of success. Combining the power of crowdfunding with the power of institutions, we offer holistic support for disruptive ventures across a variety of industries and communities. Our platform becomes a cradle for start-ups, an incubator for visionary investors and a fertile ground for creative designers.


These are the pillars of Design Bank's power:

  • Hybrid financing: The synergy of crowdfunding and institutional capital provides comprehensive financial support for projects at every stage of development.
  • Substantive support: Experienced experts offer professional advice in the field of business, marketing, design and technology, paving the way to success.
  • Network of contacts: We open the door to a wide group of investors, mentors and business partners, creating favorable conditions for development and expansion.
  • Space for coexistence: The platform integrates start-ups, investors and designers, promoting the exchange of ideas, building relationships and synergy.

Design Bank is not only a platform, but above all a movement for innovation. We believe in the power of creative minds and want to pave the way for them to implement ambitious visions that will have a positive impact on society and the economy.

Join us and become part of the revolution!

  • 1. Understanding:

    At Design Bank, we start the design process with a deep understanding of the needs and expectations of our clients, both creators and investors. We conduct interviews, market research and focus groups to fully explore and understand the financial, social and project context.

  • 2. Defining:

    Based on the information collected, we identify key challenges and opportunities. We define priorities and formulate targeted questions. We define clear goals for our services and products, both in the area of ​​financial support and in the field of project development.

  • 3. Ideation:

    We move on to generating ideas, creating new tools to support projects or developing systems. We engage diverse teams - from financial analysts to designers and IT specialists - to obtain a diversity of perspectives and innovative solutions.

  • 4. Prototyping:

    Selected ideas are transformed into prototype models of new services
    or functionality. This may include new methods of financing projects, models of cooperation with creators, or interfaces facilitating interaction on the platform.

  • 5. Testing:

    Prototypes are tested in appropriate environments – both internally and externally. We collect feedback from users, investors and partners to understand how our solutions work in practice and what effects they bring.

  • 6. Implementation:

    The final stage is the implementation of effective solutions. This applies to new products, platform improvements and methods of supporting the design process. We monitor the changes introduced, measure their effectiveness and constantly look for ways to make further improvements.

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